New Website


It has been a while in the making but finally, we have our new website!

We wanted something clean, pleasant on the eye, easy to navigate but with enough information so that people can understand what ABI all is about. During early discussions with Kal we all agreed that it was important for the website to work well on mobile devices because that is the world that we now live in – if the website is not mobile responsive then it will impact on the effectiveness of the business, its online presence and the impression that the business creates from the off.

We have had a long relationship with Kal and so of course we turned to him to produce our new website and associated artwork. Kal does creative artwork, video editing, digital design along with websites and has a long career behind him in the field. Kal understands the need to work within budgets and offer solutions so he can provide his services to a wide range of customers.

Would you like a really beautiful and functional website like ours? Do you have some other creative needs? Why not get in touch with Kal via his own website and see what he can do for you!